This Tiny Dance Duo Makes The Audience SCREAM! Why? This Is AMAZING!

by Caroline Bayard
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Celebrity judges on talent shows like America’s Got Talent have just about seen it all when it comes to the amazing, crazy, and shocking performers who come to auditions with stars in their eyes.

If you have ever doubted the real, raw talent on these shows, just remember that it takes so much just to get accepted for an audition. Let’s just say impressing the audience and judges is not as easy as it may seem to viewers at home. However, one type of act that never fails to impress is a truly groundbreaking dance performance like the following clip from America’s Got Talent. 

Meet Yasha and Daniela. These kids may be tiny, but don’t let their age and size fool you. Sure, this little dancing duo is adorable, but they’re also way more talented than most dancers to hit the AGT stage. Yasha and Daniela have been dancing together since they were only three years old and as you can see in their audition, all of their hard work has really paid off.

When the music to Pitbull’s song “Shake Señora” starts, this tiny twosome instantly amazes me, but just as soon as I thought their routine was ending, it gets even better, growing into a routine that would make Tina Turner proud!

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